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As passionate travelers ourselves and having more than 40 years of combined experience in the vacation and travel business, we know how transformative travel can be. Vacabee was created as a platform that enables everyone to experience the world in new and exciting ways while accessing exclusive travel experiences for prices not available to the general public and earning rewards at the same time.

The Selection

Largest Options of
Exclusive Vacations

With close to a million options in 140+ countries, Vacabee offers the largest selection of exclusive vacation accommodations and experiences for every taste and budget. From private villas to unique cultural excursions, hotels, and more, we've got you covered. Start exploring and find your dream vacation.

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The Vacabee Benefits

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Social & Environmental

Social & Environmental

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem
Case Studies

Step into the world of wanderlust with our captivating travel case studies, where we take you on a journey through stunning destinations, thrilling activities, and heartwarming experiences, all carefully crafted to inspire your next adventure.

Digital Boarding Pass

Travel and Earn with
your personalized Digital Travel Companion

Each pass is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible that represents your travel journey and earns you rewards. Join the digital revolution with us and start using your unique Boarding Pass to unlock experiences you didn’t even know existed.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Ready to unlock your exclusive adventure?

Allow us to plan your perfect getaway and teach you a few simple steps to maximize reward earnings, so you can sit back and enjoy your trip stress-free.


Elevate Your Travel Experience with Vacabee

Elevate Your Travel Experience with Vacabee: Unleash the Magic of Adventure

Your Journey

VACABEE makes your
voyage easy, rewarding,
and unforgettable.

Get ready to go places you never thought were possible to access or didn’t even know exist. Say goodbye to endless browsing and generic travel experiences. We're all about discovering exclusive travel opportunities and unlocking unforgettable adventures. Whether it's a private island or a cultural immersion, we're here to make it happen. Let's explore the world together and get the best price value guarantee at the same time.


Sign up to our digital membership

To become a Vacabee member, you purchase our digital membership Boarding Pass. This will give you access to all of our exclusive experiences and loyalty rewards program.


Lifetime membership with yearly renewal

Once you've purchased the digital membership, you own it forever and you decide yearly if you want to extend to continue with your travel benefits and your unlimited savings for a minimal extension fee.


Access exclusive travel experiences

Vacabee members will have access to our exclusive selection of vacation accommodations and experiences that are not always available to the general public. From private islands, cruises, and mega-Yates to unique cultural excursions, you will unlock unforgettable experiences.

Get Access

Travel, share,
own, and earn

Unlike other loyalty rewards programs, Vacabee rewards you for every booking, no matter what you do or where you go. Plus, there are no additional fees to enroll family or friends to use your membership in our Boomerang program. They travel and save and you get rewarded.

With our revolutionary digital membership model, you own your subscription, which means that you can sell your membership to someone else if you no longer need it.

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